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TAG - Talented and Gifted


In the Pleasant Hill School District, identification of TAG students is an ongoing, continuous process.  Students can be identified as TAG (talented and gifted) in three areas: academic potential in mathematics, academic potential in reading and intellectually gifted. Teachers and parents may nominate students for TAG identification.  The process for identification begins with a referral to the TAG coordinator or the building principal.  

Data will be collected that shall minimally include:

1. Behavioral, learning and/or performance information;

2. A nationally standardized mental ability test for assistance in identifying intellectually gifted students, which parents must give written consent prior to testing;

3. A nationally standardized academic achievement test for assistance in identifying academically talented students or Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS).

Identified students shall score at or above the 97th percentile on one of these tests.  A team of at least one teacher, the principal and the TAG coordinator will convene to review data and determine TAG eligibility.  The Board has established an appeals process for parents to utilize if they are dissatisfied with the identification process of their student for the district program for talented and gifted students, and wish to request reconsideration.  If you have questions regarding TAG you can ask your child’s teacher, building principal or our district TAG coordinator, Inga Perham. 

Once a student is identified as TAG, the student and their parents work with the teacher to make plans for meeting that student’s unique needs.  Differentiation within the regular classroom is the most common strategy.  Acceleration above grade level, ability grouping and alternative assignments are also used in many classrooms.  At this time, PHSD does not have pull out programs or special classes during the school day for TAG students.  Each teacher works within our school’s structure and schedule to meet each student’s needs.

In screening students for TAG we also develop a list of high potential students.  These students score at the 85% or higher on standardized test and/or they represent the top 15% of their class.  In grades K-2 we use classroom data and teacher recommendation for programs for high potential students.